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I recently purchased a rock island 1911 a2 doublestack. I could pull it and feel a click and then it would disengage. The factory sights are the 1911a1 low sights and i find them fairly difficult to acquire, particularly after becoming accustomed to the high 3. The rock island armory pro match ultra is a supersized version of brownings eternal classic, the 1911. Please scroll down for a complete list of all parts available. Sold the eaa and a beretta 92fs to buy a ria tcm combo and a midsize within a week. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at. Even so, the basic design of how the pistol works has not changed. Finished with a tough parkerized matte coating and comes with a checkered rubber grips. Brownells is your source for rock island 1911 parts at brownells. Rock island fs 1911a1 discussion in the 1911 forum started by george huseman, oct 10, 2014. When it comes to a personal defense handgun, the rock island armory 1911 compact gi is one you can trust. Hello all and sorry if this has been covered before but i just got my ria 10mm and was wondering if any one offered a aftermarket barrel,not that it needs one but was wondering if any one has one out for them and any other upgrades you recommend for them. With an unprecedented focus on customer service and satisfaction, armscor is rapidly becoming a driving force in the american and.

Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts. Plus you get the comfort of armscors lifetime warranty in a very affordable firearm. How to change sights on a rock island 1911 gone outdoors. Remington r1 vs rock island armory 1911 45 archive. Hows if going i own a 45 cal rock island 1911 and im curious if anyone has ever had a bad experience with one. Dawson precision rock island 1911 fiber optic front sights. My question is that when i diassembled the rock island 1911 after i got back from the range today i took the recoil spring off of the guide rod and noticed that both ends of the spring look the same. These were based on my misinterpretation of first, a line taken from the owners manual, and second, a reply that ivan walcott had made in the m1911. I know the regular 230 grain defensive loads are very sufficient. Question about the recoil spring on the rock island armory.

Commander 1911 slide 9mm rock ultra ms tac 2 black. Our stateofart facility keeps us on the cutting edge of technology, providing you with the highest quality products at the best price. Rock island armory semiautomatic 1911 full 45 acp 5 alloy blue vz tactical grips 8rd fixed sights 51486. My first firing session of 100 rounds was very frustrating. Rock island armory has stated that its goal is to bring an affordable yet high quality 1911. Bought a ria gi 1911 couple weeks ago on sale from dunhams. I have the sight tool to push the sights but im not sure about the elevation. Shop available rock island armory made by armscor parts from numrich gun parts corporation today. Competitionoriented, the pro match has a 5 bull barrel and a railfree dust cover pushing weight forward for stability. I have good news for all those asking about the rock island 45s.

Duragrips ria rock island armory 1911 tactical ambi grips. The only real exceptions to these rules occur when rimfire ammo comes into the picture. The m1911 gi standard is great representation of the original us gi combat issue 1911 and is chambered in 10mm and built with our exacting engineering standards. I have a 1911 rock island armory full size in 45 acp and want to replace the.

Having grown up in the philippoines, where rock island firearms are made and seeing the improvisations and shortcuts people did to make a quick profit, i have but many reservations about the quality of these guns. Dawson precision is the experienced shooters source for top quality pistols, parts and gear. The simplest and one of the most useful part upgrade for your rock island 1911 is a sight upgrade. And, instead of making an imitation pistol by another name, rock island decided to release a 1911 by the proper name. I have been researching this particular brand myself. In my initial shooting test of the rock island armory tactical. The rock island 51429 m1911a1 cs tactical pistol in. The m 1911 gi standard is great representation of the original us gi combat issue 1911 and is chambered in 10mm and built with our exacting engineering standards. So, as you gain skills with the gun, you can add these 1911 upgrades whenever you see fit. Rock island armory 5 inch full size 1911 slide 22tcm flat top engraved lpa. Replace the grips on your 1911 with magpul 1911 grip panels, or ergo 1911 grip panels. Colt released an updated design of their fullsize 1911 pistol in the 1970s hence the name which consisted of a collet bushing instead of the.

Faithful to the original 1911 design, the standard gi is equipped with a 5 inch barrel, fixed sights, and an 8 round magazine. The rock island armory produces a variety of 1911 pattern semiautomatic pistols, similar in design to the m1911 issued to u. In 1985, armscor precision international opened its first united states office in pahrump, nevada. I wanted to know how to sight in my rock island tactical 1911. It wont fire with his kimber mags, but other than that its a 1911 by any measure.

It is recommended that all parts be fit by a qualified gunsmith. These are the top 5 1911 upgrades you should consider making. I just gave my grandson a sig 1911 22 that looks like a twin of my rock fs tac until you take them down to clean. Our sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of wish list items. A short while later, armscor acquired the rock island armory brand, a leading m1911 manufacturer and developer. The r1 frame will rock side to side and the trigger had creep before let off. The trigger upgrade to aftermarket parts is only available for 9mm. The factory sights are the 1911a1 low sights and i find them fairly difficult to acquire, particularly after becoming accustomed to the high 3dot sights of my cz75b. Fixed, low profile sights and traditional smooth slim design are perfect for quick pull holster use.

Rock island 1911 tactical upgrades ranging from individual parts to complete tactical kits with barrels, a rock island 1911 slide, and accessories can be found. I just gave my grandson a sig 191122 that looks like a twin of my rock fs tac until you take them down to clean. I liked the sight very much, but it was very loose, i could slide it in with my fingers. Comparing an inexpensive 1911 with a very expensive 1911. Rock island fs 1911a1 the firearms forum the buying. Like all rock island 1911s, each is built using 4140 ordnance steel on the industrys best cnc machines while being handfitted and tested to strict tolerance guidelines for. The owners manual doesnt say anything about sight adjustment. Rock island m1911a1 gi standard 10mm auto 8rd 5 pistol. Ive shot a rock island a1 that a friend of mine picked up because it was cheap. American rifleman a look back at the m1911 doublestack. Weve been supplying customers with hard to find parts since 1950. Rock island rock island 1911 holsters can come in a large variety of materials and carry styles that will allow you an easy draw and reholstering while being. This modern take on a classic design combined with 45 acp caliber creates a perfect pistol right out of the box and one that will last a long time. Org forums concerning the use of hollow point ammunition in ria 1911 pistols.

Taking care of your holster is an important thing and there are many options including breakin or adjustment. I used the red lock tight and it seems to be holding fine. Please suggest replacement sights for rock island armory 1911 im interested in upgrading the sights for my 5 rock island armory 1911. Please visit the website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer. Rock island armory made by armscor gun parts numrich gun.

The rock series is rock island armorys most welloptioned line of 1911 pistols built in the traditional 70 series design with the addition of next level upgrades. I found a phenomenal deal on gunbroker for a newinbox rock island armory m1911a1. Thanks for your post about your new rock island 45 acp wanderwolf. I absolutely hate the gi style grips these things come with, so i did some research and heard that some people got these grips to fit and others said they didnt fit.

The 1911 is a gentlemens weapon requiring rosewood grips. So is it ok to put it back on the guide rod either way just in case you forgot which way you took it off. Rock island armory 1911 armscor field strip, clean, lube. The compact alloy frame is equipped with wood grips, and it can chamber up to 7 rounds of powerful. Springfield armory all parts listed in this category are specific to the springfield armory 1911 pistol unless otherwise noted.

The best part about these enhancements is they dont have to be incorporated into the gun all at the same time. A rock island rock island 1911 holster keeps dust, moisture and water away. Here is just the ticket for upgrading your rock island 1911 gi models front sight. The armory stocks a wide range of replacement 1911 grips. The old grip safety dug into my hand and didnt feel comfortable. Mar 14, 2018 bought a ria gi 1911 couple weeks ago on sale from dunhams. Buy now and save when you buy direct from the manufacturer. These sights are drifted onto the weapon frame via a dovetail. Using the older style narrow tenon, this sight gives you the power of a tritium powered front sight, while sparing you the need to replace or upgrade your rear sight. Rock island 1911 holsters 94 holsters by craft holsters.

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